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To anyone coming to this blog, most of my postings have been showing up on tumblr.


Some of the more recent work include the final poster of the solider dudes posted many months ago. I took a break from their creation and was able to revisit them this winter. Behold! Soldiering Life!

Prints as always are available at Society 6


Another illustration is up and about. This one took something I picked up while working on A Tale of Sand. Figured it would fit the season but the snow level around town is barely a fraction what's represented here.

Wishing everyone a great end to 2011 and I'll see you in the New Year!


Continue? No >Yes

The remaining 2 pieces of the series.

World 3 was dominated by water and featured the Frog Suit. I felt it was essentially useless when not under the sea but they made a big deal out of it in the cartoon series when it was raining. A plumber who can breathe underwater doesn't really need these abilities. Water Land also contained a strange canoe that could be used to freely roam the map. No doubt this was the inspiration for Wind Waker.

World 8 features Dark Land and a fire ballin' Mario. Everything was dark, depressing, or on fire in this world. Bowser also had a tank.

Both are available as prints at Society6


Tumbling Through The Skies

Late but I wanted to get some more work finished so I can do a followup post soon after this. I joined Tumblr to spread my work around and that can be found here.

This newest piece is 1 of 3. The 2nd one is finished and the 3rd one will be completed shortly. They are depicting the various places and powers you run across in the critically acclaimed game starring plumbers, Super Mario Bros 3.

I always liked World 5. I remember feeling ripped off when I first arrived because it seemed so short, that was until I realized there was a 2nd level to the world once you venture through that creepy deserted castle and warp into the sky.

Also it had the shoe level.

Hope you enjoy!

(There is a print available at Society6 if you're interested)



2 projects just finished up so I will be back from hiatus shortly. One project can be viewed here, Tale of Sand Preview. It took a month of non-stop work and long nights to complete. Thanks goes out to Ramon Perez and Stephen Christy for letting me be a part of it. Further thanks to everyone who helped me during that month.

The 2nd project should be out in January and I can't say much about it. It was a fun, smaller project that was a good followup to the giant-sized task that was Tale of Sand.

Updates should be in a week with some new illustrations.


Layton's Farewell

A few weeks ago the leader of the NDP (a Canadian federal party and the official opposition), Jack Layton, passed away after losing his fight with cancer. Before he died, he left Canadians with a letter(click to view). He shared his vision that we can all work together to make society a better place to live and that we must never give up hope when someone tells us it can't be done. People of all political stripes came together after he passed to celebrate Jack's life and hopefully his message wasn't lost.


The Many Kinds of Murray

Zissou squad.

3 styles from the Life Aquatic in the style mentioned a few posts down.

Also, I launched a mirror version of my website that deals with colouring. Take a look HERE