diving into docks presents "Diving Into Docks"

Prone to squid and octopi attacks, a lumbering diver plods along the seabed. Dark waters and poor field of vision mask the behemoths.

Now watch as he's pretty much done for...

Maybe some process shots in the morning? Sure! Stay tuned.

**Edit** Process shots! Animated! Thanks to the 3 people who helped from the scribbles. Irma and Jerry who questioned anything funny about it. Thirdly, my friend who asked 'what the hell is this even for?' and is now sitting on an illustrated dock.


Inverted Finger Slip & Battery Liar

My camera is forgetful with batteries and sometimes claims they have no more power before remembering that they are in fact charged. During this downtime I sat down at the harbor front and drew parts of the skyline before giving up on accuracy. This is the result.

Mission Hill was a show filled with an interesting colour palette. I set up the preliminary flats similar to their backgrounds (pastels, blues, purples) but was curious and inverted the scheme.