Twitched w/ Silent Rage

Colouring job of a sketch by Miss Kniivila. Drawn off the term 'Captain Bringdown' describing someone who has no relation to this masked character, I think.


Tuesday's Charge

Reasearched with Google Imagesearch, the hussars were the formation crushing chargers that dressed as flashy as possible. In Risk they made up 5 units and suffering one loss broke them up into a pathetic bunch of regulars. Sad.


Tally Ho!

The bulk of the army is here to sing a happy tune. Flood the map with these little buggers and pretend to look excited when you draw one from the deck of cards. Every plan to conquer the world starts with these brave little plastic men.


They've Fortified Australia & Found the Key to Western Europe

As someone said, they've made plays out of dumber things. The text at the bottom if you can see it is what I imagine a fake poster about a musical based on a board game would say.

RISK: the musical would follow an epic campaign fought between friends. Interludes of Napoleonic battles would break up the players as they vied for power with coloured armies. Alliances, betrayals, and a cavalry charge. It would probably end with someone choking on dice.

Come on double 6s!

(There will be more of these)