"Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser!"

Back in the day it was your dozen of triangles versus the enemy. A creepy voice over told you "SCRAMBLE", "Good Luck", and "Wing Damage!". That plane could still fly despite the loss. Partnered up with gibbering animals, you went off to fight a monkey in a box hiding behind a face that ate too much geometry for breakfast. That was their story. This is STARFOX!

P.S. There was a secret level where you could fight a giant slot machine to the tune of 'When the Saints come marching in', after that you were forced to blast the end credits until you quit out of boredom.


2.75$ = Chaos + a whole whack of KMs

Promotion to get myself started in a few days. I was working a job previously that had me spend 2 hours of my day on the TTC (Toronto Transit system) so I had some time to kill. The system which seems to work well one moment and horribly the next. Their ambiguous enforcement of transfers can also irk you on the wrong day.

Hope this pleases some people.

In other news, a comic that I colour was launched by Zuda, drawn and written by my boss/friend AndyB. First few installments can be found here and is updated twice a week. Bottle of Awesome