Absentee Voting Status: Missing

I was gone to Montreal to learn the basics of the French language. Didn't go that well but it's a start. I have since moved to Toronto and have started work on various posters. Here is the first featuring everyone's favourite power consolidator/greasy French dish.

"Do you believe in the eyes of Putin?"


Julz said...

Just in case anyone is bothered by the word 'Poutine'... Ian and I discussed it and I explained to him that in French, he's not names Putin, but Vladimir Poutine. Why? Simply because it was translated directly to French from Russian (as opposed to picking the English translation) and that is how the phonics sounded.

Irma Kniivila said...

Haha, this is awesome.

Also, mildly terrifying?

Nicely countered by the thought of such a serious guy covered in cheese and gravy.


Ian Herring said...

Thanks for all the help Julie otherwise I would never have gotten this figured out.